Living Machines 2022

Unit cell based artificial Venus flytrap. Falk Tauber, Laura Riechert, Joscha Teichmann, Nivedya Poovathody, Uwe Jonas, Stefan Schiller, Thomas Speck

1st Best talk

SLUGBOT, an Aplysia-inspired robotic grasper for studying control. Kevin Dai, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Michael Bennington, Karen Whirley, Ryan Bao, Lui Li, Jeffrey Gill, Hillel Chiel, Victoria Webster-Wood

2nd Best Talk

Active Inference for Artificial Touch: A biologically-plausible tactile control method. Pernilla Craig, Laurence Aitchizon, Nathan Lepora

3rd Best Talk

SNS-Toolbox: A tool for efficient simulation of synthetic nervous systems. William Nourse, Nicholas Szczecinski, Roger Quinn

1st Best Short Talk

Simple reactive head motion control enhances adaptability to rough terrain in centipede walking. Kotaro Yasui, Shunsuke Takano, Takeshi Kano, Akio Ishiguro

2nd Best Short talk

A functional subnetwork approach to multistate central pattern generator phase difference control. Cody Scharzenberger, Alexander Hunt.

3rd Best Short Talk