Numbered posters (Poster_#number) are selected from accepted full and short papers that will be published in the conference proceedings. These posters are eligible for the poster award competition. Late-Breaking-Results posters (Poster_LBR) are excluded from the awards.

Instructions for Poster presentations

We invite authors with an accepted poster presentation to print their poster in A0 format (WxH 841 x 1189mm).


Poster Session (I)

Poster_#1: [005] A 3D-printed biomimetic porous cellulose-based artificial seed integrated with photonic cellulose nanocrystals for colorimetric humidity sensing (Kliton Cikalleshi, Stefano Mariani, and Barbara Mazzolai)
Poster_#2: [006] Charge-dependent flexural rigidity of a conductive polymer laminate for bioinspired non-thermal compliance modulation (Yauheni Sarokin, Vadim Becquer, Eric Cattan, Alvo Aabloo, and Indrek Must)
Poster_#3: [067] Anisotropic Actuation in Salty Agarose Gel Actuators (Pedram Tootoonchian, Levent Bahçeci, Bilge Baytekin)
Poster_#4: [010] FRESH-printing of a Multi-actuator Biodegradable Robot Arm for Articulation and Grasping (Avery Williamson, Wenhuan Sun, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Brian Coffin, Carmel Majidi, Adam Feinberg, Lining Yao, and Victoria A. Webster-Wood)
Poster_#5: [054] Model reveals joint properties for which co-contracting antagonist muscles increases joint stiffness (Isabella Kudyba, and Nicholas Szczecinski)
Poster_#6: [017] Multimodal Parameter Inference for a Canonical Motor Microcircuit Controlling Rat Hindlimb Motion (Clayton Jackson, Matthieu Chardon, Y. Curtis Wang, Johann Rudi, Matthew Tresch, Charles J. Heckman, and Roger D. Quinn)
Poster_#7: [027] A multibody approach for the finger force estimation of a robotic hand (Andrea Grazioso, Chiara Danese, Giovanni Antonio Zappatore, and Giulio Reina)
Poster_#8: [045] A novel steerable catheter controlled with a biohybrid actuator: a feasibility study (Carlotta Salvatori, Diego Trucco, Ignazio Niosi, Leonardo Ricotti, and Lorenzo Vannozzi)
Poster_#9: [009] Triboelectric charging during insect walking on leaves: a potential tool for sensing plant-insect interactions (Serena Armiento, Fabian Meder, and Barbara Mazzolai)
Poster_#10: [047] Feed Me: Robotic Infiltration of Poison Frog Families (Tony G. Chen, Billie C. Goolsby, Guadalupe Bernal, Lauren A. O’Connell, and Mark R. Cutkosky)
Poster_#11: [062] Autonomous versus Manual Control of a Pasture Sanitation Robot (Ian Adams, Roger Quinn, Greg Lee, Alexandra Kroeger, and Erica N. Feuerbacher)
Poster_LBR: Exploring CO2 Sensing in Fungal Mycelium: A Preliminary Study (Anand Kumar Mishra, and Robert F. Shepherd)
Poster_LBR: A plant inspired, behaviour-based control strategy for soft manipulators (Francesco Stella, Thomas Querro, Cosimo Della Santina, and Josie Hughes)
Poster_LBR: Towards cell-inspired particle-based microrobots: Optimisation of the encapsulation of microparticles in lipid membranes (Eugenia De Remigis, Elisa Roberti, Hilda Gómez Bernal, Elisa L. Petrocelli, Gaia Petrucci, Dario Cecchi, Jyoti Sharma, Francesco Bianciardi, and Stefano Palagi)
Poster_LBR: Mixed ionic-electronic biohybrid supercapacitors (Daniela Parker, Adam Armada Moreira, Abdul Manan Dar, Iwona Bernacka, Daniele Mantione, and Eleni Stavrinidou)
Poster_LBR: Light Controlled Bio Hybrid Actuators (I. Venturino, V. Vurro, M. Moschetta, S.Perotto, S. Bonfadini, V. Sesti, L. Criante, C. Bertarelli, G. Lanzani)
Poster_LBR: Fluorescent flying soft robots as environmental sensors (Albenc Nexha, Kliton Cikalleshi, Thomas Kister, Marilena Ronzan, Alessio Mondini, Stefano Mariani, Barbara Mazzolai, and Tobias Kraus)


Poster Session (II)

Poster_#12: [068] Simple Synthetic Memories of Robotic Touch (Pablo J. Salazar, and Tony J. Prescott)
Poster_#13: [038] Sucker attachment and detachment patterns in Octopus vulgaris (Janina Röckner, Mariana Díaz Arellano, and Letizia Zullo)
Poster_#14: [057] Understanding preload force for grasping objects with different stiffness using sensorized suction cups (Ebrahim Shahabi, Francesco Visentin, Alessio Mondini, and Barbra Mazzolai)
Poster_#15: [023] Design and Performance of a Cownose Ray-Inspired Robot for Underwater Exploration (Giovanni Bianchi, Lorenzo Maffi, Michele Tealdi, and Simone Cinquemani)
Poster_#16: [032] A Synthetic Nervous System for On and Off Motion Detection Inspired by the Drosophila melanogaster Optic Lobe (William R. P. Nourse, Nicholas S. Szczecinski, and Roger D. Quinn)
Poster_#17: [013] Weighting elementary movement detectors tuned to different temporal frequencies to estimate image velocity (Benjamin P Campbell, Huai-Ti Lin, and Holger G Krapp)
Poster_#18: [053] Effects of tarsal morphology on load feedback during stepping of a robotic stick insect (Carausius morosus) limb (Clarissa A. Goldsmith, William P. Zyhowski, Ansgar Büschges, Sasha N. Zill, Gesa F. Dinges, and Nicholas S. Szczecinski)
Poster_#19: [015] Biarticular muscles improve the stability of a neuromechanical model of the rat hindlimb (Kaiyu Deng, Alexander J. Hunt, Hillel J. Chiel, Roger D. Quinn)
Poster_#20: [019] A Comparison of Absolute & Relative Neural Encoding Schemes in Addition & Subtraction Functional Subnetworks (Cody Scharzenberger, and Alexander Hunt)
Poster_#21: [011] GANGLIA: A tool for designing customized neuron circuit patterns (Ashlee S. Liao, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, and Victoria A. Webster-Wood)
Poster_#22: [016] The Tall, the Squat, & the Bendy: Parametric Modeling and Simulation Towards Multi-functional Biohybrid Robots (Saul Schaffer, and Victoria A. Webster-Wood)
Poster_LBR: Printable, Flexible Artificial 3D Spiking Neural Networks (Simon F. Müller-Cleve, Simeon A. Bamford, and Chiara Bartolozzi)
Poster_LBR: Design of an earthworm-inspired robot: Learning how to burrow through compact soil (Kang Li, Ali Leylavi Shoushtari, Guillermo Amador, and Florian Muijres)
Poster_LBR: Study of Octopuses Behavior during Squeezing Validated by Soft Robot (Wenci Xin, and Cecilia Laschi)
Poster_LBR: Earthworm-inspired reconfigurable modular robot – a plug-and-play design (Riddhi Das, Saravana Prashanth Murali Babu, and Barbara Mazzolai)
Poster_LBR: Non-Spiking Synthetic Nervous System Trained with Proximal Policy Optimization (Benjamin Rubinstein, William R. P. Nourse, Clayton Jackson, and Roger D. Quinn)
Poster_LBR: A versatile underwater robotic platform inspired by jellyfish (Tianlu Wang, Hyeong-Joon Joo, Shanyuan Song, Wenqi Hu, Christoph Keplinger, and Metin Sitti)


Poster Session (III)

Poster_#23: [051] Distributed adaptive control of virtual cyborgs: A case study for personalized rehabilitation (S. Kahali, T. Ngo, T. S. Mandahar, E. Martínez-Bueno, O. Guerrero-Rosado, H. López-Carral, I. T. Freire, A. Mura, and P. F. M. J. Verschure)
Poster_#24: [020] Learning Time and Recognition Rate Improvement of CNNs Through Transfer Learning for BMI Systems (Goragod Pogthanisorn, Ryota Takahashi, and Genci Capi)
Poster_#25: [033] Optimization of EMG-derived features for upper limb prosthetic control (Dario Di Domenico, Francesca Paganini, Andrea Marinelli, Lorenzo De Michieli, Nicoló Boccardo, and Marianna Semprini)
Poster_#26: [058] Detecting Human Distraction from Gaze: An Augmented Reality Approach in the Robotic Environment (Panagiotis Zaparas, Panagiotis Katranitsiotis, Kostantinos Stavridis, and Petros Daras)
Poster_#27: [030] Bioinspired soft actuator based on photothermal expansion of biodegradable polymers (Luca Cecchini, Stefano Mariani, Nicola M. Pugno, and Barbara Mazzolai)
Poster_#28: [035] Wrinkle-free Sewing with Robotics: the Future of Soft Material Manufacturing (E. Fontana, M. Farajtabar, G. Marchello, M. Lahoud, H. Abidi, A. Meddahi, K. Baizid, M. D’Imperio, and F. Cannella)
Poster_#29: [043] Synthetic Nervous System Control of a Bioinspired Soft Grasper for Pick-and-Place Manipulation (Ravesh Sukhnandan, Yanjun Li, Yu Wang, Anaya Bhammar, Kevin Dai, Michael Bennington, Hillel J. Chiel, Roger D. Quinn, and Victoria A. Webster-Wood)
Poster_#30: [021] Inchworm locomotive soft robots actuated by a single pneumatic line (Hyeongseok Kang, Bohyun Hwang, and Byungkyu Kim)
Poster_#31: [008] An insect-inspired soft robot controlled by soft valves (Joscha Teichmann, Philipp Auth, Stefan Conrad, Thomas Speck, and Falk J. Tauber)
Poster_#32: [041] Towards a Soft Artificial Larynx: A Biomimetic Design (Jasmine Pozzi, Arianna Conte, and Matteo Cianchetti)
Poster_#33: [025] Toward a more realistic 3D biomimetic soft robotic tongue to investigate oral processing of semi-solid foods (Alejandro Avila-Sierra, Yurixy Bugarin-Castillo, Vincent Mathieu, and Marco Ramaioli)
Poster_#34: [036] Optimization of Kirigami-Inspired Fingers Grasping Posture in Virtual Environments (Anderson B. Nardin, Seonggun Joe, and Lucia Beccai)
Poster_LBR: Biomimetic Variable-Curvature Soft Gripper for Umbrella-Shaped Agri-Products (Yongkai Ye, Jianzhuang Zhao and Dongdong Du)
Poster_LBR: Climbing Plant-like Microfabricated Machines for Reversible Adhesion to Tissue Papers (Isabella Fiorello, Alessio Mondini, and Barbara Mazzolai)
Poster_LBR: Design, Fabrication, and Performance of a Modular High-Speed Electrohydraulic Soft Robotic Octopus Arm (Ingemar Schmidt, Xiying Li, Ye-Jin Park, Zachary Yoder, Natalia Sanchez, and Christoph Keplinger)
Poster_LBR: Towards Snapping Inflatable Metamaterials for Mechanical Intelligence in Soft Machines (Edoardo Milana, and Viacheslav Slesarenko)
Poster_LBR: A bio-inspired robotic platform for selective harvesting (Clemente Lauretti, Christian Tamantini, Alessandro Zompanti, Sara Cimini, Laura De Gara, Marco Santonico, and Loredana Zollo)