Oral Sessions – Talks


Oral Session 1 – Bioinspired materials, actuators, sensors I

[007] A 3D-printed thermoresponsive artificial Venus flytrap lobe based on a multilayer of shape memory polymers (Falk J. Tauber, Fabian Scheckenbach, Mario Walter, Thorsten Pretsch and Thomas Speck)
[052] Bioderived Hygromorphic Twisted Actuator for Untethered Sustainable Systems (Reece Whatmore, Emelia Keely, Zoe Lee, Adriane Minori, Lining Yao)

Oral Session 2 – Joints and muscles

[031] A Pneumatic Bending Actuator System Inspired by the Avian Tendon Locking Mechanism (Peter Kappel, Lukas Kürner, Thomas Speck, Falk Tauber)
[037] Study and preliminary modeling of microstructure and morphology of the elephant trunk skin (Behnam Kamare, Matteo Lo Preti, Irene Bernardeschi Paule Dagenais, Michel Milinkovitch, Lucia Beccai)
[063] Development of a Robotic Rat Hindlimb Model (Evan Aronhalt, Eabha Abramson, Clarus Goldsmith, Emanuel Andrada, William Nourse, Gregory Sutton, Nicholas Szczecinski, Roger Quinn)

Oral Session 3 – Biohybrid systems and interactions

[042] Mycelium Bridge as a Living Electrical Conductor: Access Point to Soil Infosphere (Hana Geara, Kadri Ann Valdur, Indrek Must)
[014] Living organisms as sensors for biohybrid monitoring systems (Wiktoria Rajewicz, Nikolaus Helmer, Thomas Schmickl, Ronald Thenius)
[048] Slug Battery: An Enzymatic Fuel Cell Tested in vitro in Aplysia californica Hemolymph (Theo Cockrell, Kevin Dai, Michael Bennington, Victoria Webster-Wood)


Oral Session 4 – Invertebrate locomotion and perception mechanisms

[044] A Dynamic Simulation of a Compliant Worm Robot Amenable to Neural Control (Shane Riddle, Clayton Jackson, Kathryn A. Daltorio, Roger Quinn)
[024] Fly H1-cell distance estimation in a monocular virtual reality environment (Jiaqi V. Huang, Holger Krapp)
[069] Driving hexapods through insect brain (Paolo Arena, Emanuele Cannizzo, Alessia Li Noce, Luca Patanè)

Oral Session 5 – Computational Tools and Modelling

[003] Comparison of Proximal Leg Strain in Locomotor Model Organisms using Robotic Legs (Gesa Dinges, William P. Zyhowski, Clarissa A. Goldsmith, Nicholas Szczecinski)
[026] Sporify: An Automated Tool to Quantify Spores in Z-Stacked 3D Samples (Oscar Sten, Emanuela Del Dottore, Giulia Raffaele, Marilena Ronzan, Nicola M. Pugno, Barbara Mazzolai)
[039] BrainX3: A neuroinformatic tool for interactive exploration of multimodal brain datasets (Vivek Sharma, Raimon Bullich Vilarrubias, Paul Verschure)

Oral Session 6 – Bioinspiration under water / Biomimetics analyzed

[012] Development, Modeling, and Testing of a Passive Compliant Bistable Undulatory Robot (Anson Kwan, Daniel Aukes)
[040] Underactuated Robotic Fish Control: Maneuverability and Adaptability through Proprioceptive Feedback (Gianluca Manduca, Gaspare Santaera, Paolo Dario, Cesare Stefanini, Donato Romano)
[028] Topical grouping of thousands of Biomimetics articles according to their goals, results and methods (Théophile Carniel, Leo Cazenille, Jean-Michel Dalle, José Halloy)
[022] Biomimetics Analyzed: Examples from an Epistemological and Ontological Perspective (Manfred Drack, Ludger Jansen)


Oral Session 7 – Human-Robot Interaction, Rehabilitation, and Learning

[065] Motivational modulation of consummatory behaviour and learning in a robotic model of spatial navigation (Alejandro Jimenez-Rodriguez, Tony Prescott)
[034] Robotic active tactile sensing inspired by serotonergic modulation using active inference (Filip Novicky, Joshua Offergeld, Simon Janssen, Pablo Lanillos)
[064] A Simple Dynamic Controller For Emulating Human Balance Control (Stu McNeal, Alex Hunt)

Oral Session 8 – Bioinspired materials, actuators, sensors II

[061] Soft Tubular Strain Sensors for Contact Detection (Kevin Dai, Abirami Elangovan, Karen Whirley, Vitoria Webster-Wood)
[059] Soft Electroactive Suction Cup with Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for Soft Robotics (Armin Jamali, Dushyant Bhagwan Mishra, Prathyusha Sriperumbuduri, Robert Knoerlein, Frank Goldschmidtboeing, Peter Woias)
[029] Miniature soil moisture sensors for a root-inspired burrowing growing robot (Emanuela Del Dottore, Alessio Mondini, Davide Bray, Barbara Mazzolai)