Instructions for Poster presentations

We invite authors with an accepted poster presentation to print their poster in whichever aspect ratio they prefer, however all posters must be no larger than 4×4′ (1219×1219 mm). All posters must be hung on Tuesday, and must be removed by 15:00 on Thursday. Odd-numbered posters will present on Tuesday, and even-numbered posters will present on Wednesday.

Accepted Posters

Poster number




1 45 SLUGBOT V2: A Slug-Grasper Robot with an Improved Protraction Muscle (I2) Gerardo Vega, Kevin Dai, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Steve Rogers, Gregory P. Sutton, Hillel J. Chiel, Victoria A. Webster-Wood
2 24 Multilevel Synthetic Nervous System Control For Legged Locomotion Ryan Grummer, Clayton Jackson, Roger Quinn
3 43 Positional accuracy characterization of converted 3D bioprinters via a low-cost camera-based system Anika Sun, Avery Williamson, Syed Ashraf, Adam Feinberg, Victoria Webster-Wood
4 22 A Method to Characterize Rat Hindlimb Mechanics Using Dynamic Perturbations Zhong Wang, Sam Tran, Gil Serrancoli, Matthew Tresch
5 55 Augmenting Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation with Wide Pulse Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation to Tune Lower Limb Movements and Muscle Activity Daniel Song, Matthew Tresch
6 42 Investigating six leg campaniform sensilla discharge in freely walking Drosophila using a biomimetic robotic model Clarus Goldsmith, Nicholas Szczecinski
7 51 Transfer of brain-computer interface decoders for forelimb locomotor phase from before to after spinal cord injury Sam Tran, Grant Engberson, Diya Basrai, Dan Song, Matthew Tresch
8 17 Pulse Modulation in Braided Pneumatic Actuators Mimics Contractile Behavior of Biological Muscles Mohammad Elzein, Alexander Hunt
9 11 Speed-independent wall distance estimation along a given trajectory of a biohybrid Fly-Robot-Interface Jiaqi Huang, Holger Krapp
10 46 Combined deep learning and model-based approach to automated markerless tracking of the 3D head pose and vibrissal array of rodents during a search task Kevin Kleczka, Mitra J. Z. Hartmann
11 36 Larva in the loop, utilizing Zebrafish larvae to control robots in real time via optokinetic response feedback John Jutoy, Erica Jung
12 50 Drosophila curve walking: the breaking of symmetry in motor control E. Axel Gorostiza, Ricardo Custódio, Gesa Dinges, Nicholas Szczecinski, Till Bockemühl, Kei Ito, Ansgar Büschges
13 38 Bioresorbable shape-adaptive structures for ultrasonic monitoring of deep-tissue homeostasis Jiaqi Liu, Naijia Liu, Yameng Xu, Mingzheng Wu, Haohui Zhang, Yue Wang, Ying Yan, Angela Hill, Ruihao Song, Zijie Xu, Minsu Park, Yunyun Wu, Joanna L. Ciatti, Jianyu Gu, Haiwen Luan, Yamin Zhang, Tianyu Yang, Hak-Young Ahn, Shupeng Li, Wilson Z. Ray, Colin K. Franz, Matthew R. MacEwan, Yonggang Huang, Chet W. Hammill, Heling Wang, John A. Rogers
14 5 A Comparative Study of Reinforcement Learning and Insect-Inspired Visual Navigation Methods Xiaoting Zhong, Xuelong Sun, Haiyang Li
15 39 A comparison of model-free controllers for trajectory tracking in a plant-inspired soft arm Muhammad Sunny Nazeer, Yasmin Ansari, Egidio Falotico, Cecilia Laschi
16 48 Neural Mechatronics and Mixed Reality for Patient Care Matthew Flavin, Kyoung-Ho Ha, Zengrong Guo, Shupeng Li, Jin-Tae Kim, John Rogers
17 31 Wireless patterning of artificial perception with transcranial optogenetic arrays Mingzheng Wu, Yiyuan Yang, Jinglan Zhang, Andrew Efimov, Abraham Vázquez-Guardado, Xiuyuan Li, Kaiqing Zhang, Anthony Banks, Cameron Good, Julia Cox, Lucas Pinto, Yonggang Huang, Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, John Rogers
18 56 Redefining 3D Bioprinting: Vertical Bio-Ink Deposition for Improved Biofabrication Richard van Nieuwenhoven, Ille Gebeshuber, Constantin Sutterluety
19 49 The Effects of 3-D Printing Material on Strain Sensing in Robotic Limbs Foster Holmquist, Isabella Kudyba, Nicholas Szczecinski, Gesa Dinges
20 37 Exploring the Impact of Physical Attributes on Strain Sensing Through Mechanical Models Gesa Dinges, Nicholas Szczecinski
21 34 Moving Inward with Front Legs Improves Tripod Gaits for Crab-like Robot Walking in Sand Zach Silberstein, Mingyu Pan, Nathan Carmichael, Kathryn A. Daltorio
22 40 Concept for a 3D-Printed Hydrogel Enclosure for Invertebrate Biohybrid Actuators Towards Deployment Avery Williamson, Michael Bennington, Saul Schaffer, Kathleen Gladson, Victoria Webster-Wood
23 25 Passive Stability of Stance is Determined by the Relationship Between Natural Frequency and Walking Frequency Shane Riddle, Greg Sutton, Victoria Webster-Wood, Hillel Chiel, Roger Quinn
24 41 Behavioral strategies for stabilizing the legged locomotion of flies and robots over rough terrain Erin E Brandt, Clarus A Goldsmith, Maria R Manyama, Jasmine Nirody, Nicholas Szczecinski
25 47 Steps towards constructing geometrically-accurate robotic whisker arrays for the mouse, rat, and harbor seal Kevin Kleczka, Thomas Janssen, Brett Zaorski, Megan Black, Eleanor Considine, Mitra Hartmann
26 1 Vertical closure constraint for self-replicating machines Alex Ellery
27 54 Shallow neural networks used to model the early stages of neural processing in the rodent whisker system Kleczka KJ, Si C, Wang Y, Zhang D, and Hartmann MJ
28 7 Bioinspired Navigation Based on Distributed Sensing in the Leech Using Dynamic Neural Fields Sebastian T. Nichols, Jeffrey P. Gill, Bruno Mota, Cynthia M. Harley, and Brian K. Taylor
29 20 Creating an Artificial No-Fly Zone with Sensory Disruptions Andrew Taylor Giang and Brian Kyle Taylor
30 21 Sensory feedback cancellation: Developing resonator networks to mimic A. leptorhynchu’s cerebellar processing of sensory feedback Sheldon Johnson, Gary Marsat, Nicholas Szczecinski
31 52 Evaluating Decoders of Locomotion Intent After Spinal Cord Injury to Drive Restoration of Movement Using FES Smiti Narayanan, Matthew Tresch
32 8 Biocompatibility of Asiga Dental Resins Using a Low-Cost Printer for Biohybrid Actuator Applications Ashlee S. Liao, Kevin Dai, Bhavya Chopra, Saul Schaffer, Rebekah Adams, Ji Min Seok, Alaeddin Burak Irez, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Victoria Webster-Wood
33 30 The fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a micro-robotics platform Kenichi Iwasaki, Charles Neuhauser, Chris Stokes, Aleksandr Rayshubskiy
34 19 Mechanical Design of a Feline Robot for Dynamic Scaling Testing Amy Budzichowski, Shane Riddle, Rucha Batchu, Tina Chen, Clayton Jackson, William Nourse, Roger Quinn
35 44 Failure aware and resilient control for soft actuators Rishabh Goel, Tejonidhi Deshpande, Tingyu Cheng, Josiah Hester