Oral Sessions – Talks


Oral Session 1 – Brain Network Modeling

[033] BrainX3 3.0: Advancing Neuroinformatics and Artificial Brains for Living Machines (Man Yang, Bas J. N. M. Drost, Dante Aviñó1, Benedetta Felici, Francisco Páscoa dos Santos, Raimon Bullich Vilarrubias, Vivek Sharma, Paul F. M. J. Verschure)
[009] Towards Biophysical Network Simulations of Stochastically-Formed Neurospheres (Michael Bennington, Victoria Webster-Wood)

Oral Session 2 – Tools for Studying Behaviors

[015] FlyWheel: A Robotic Platform for Modeling Fly Visual Behavior (William Nourse, Roger Quinn)
[035] A coupled-oscillator model of human attachment dynamics evaluated in a robot dyadic interaction (Aung Htet, Alejandro Jimenez-Rodriguez, Marcantonio Gagliardi, and Tony J. Prescott)

Oral Session 3 – Sensors

[010] Maximizing robotic limb rigidity and strain sensing capabilities through localized Kevlar fiber reinforcement (Gesa Dinges, Isabella Kudyba, Sasha Zill, Nicholas Szczecinski)
[028] Flexible Strain Gauge Sensors as Real-time Stretch Receptors for Use in Biomimetic BPA Muscle Applications (Rochelle Jubert, Alexander Hunt)


Oral Session 4 – Navigational Systems (Sponsored by the Case Alumni Association)

[014] Binocular Vision and Vector-Summation Based Integration of Bilateral Innate and Learned Visual Cues in Insect Navigation (Qin Sun, Xuelong Sun, Haiyang Li)
[004] Bioinspired Magnetic Navigation for Exploring Celestial Bodies (Renzhi Li, Quynh Ngo, Jeffrey Gill, Catherine Kehl, Brian Taylor)

Oral Session 5 – Control and Mechanics of Continuum Systems

[013] Erodium awn’s water transport insights for controlled swelling agent rearrangement in anisotropic structures (Yauheni Sarokin, Alvo Aabloo, Indrek Must)
[023] Simulated Control of an Aquatic Serpentine Robot with Stable Heteroclinic Channels (Nathaniel Mengers, Natasha Rouse, and Kathryn Daltorio)

Oral Session 6 – System Design

[027] Design of a Rat Robotic Forelimb (Huy Pham, Clayton Jackson, Benjamin Armstead, William Nourse, Emanuel Andrada, and Roger Quinn)
[002] Cellular Plasticity Model for Bottom-Up Robotic Design (Trevor Smith, Thomas Smith, Nicholas Szczecinski, Sergiy Yakovenko, Yu Gu)


Oral Session 7 – Neural Networks for Computation

[018] Encoding 3D Leg Kinematics using Spatially-Distributed, Population Coded Network Model (Bohdan Zadokha, Nicholas Szczecinski)
[003] Analysis Pipeline for High-Dimensional Neuromechanical Model Improvement (Camila J. Fernandez, Jeffrey M. McManus, Yanjun Li, Michael J. Bennington, Roger D. Quinn, Hillel J. Chiel, and Victoria A. Webster-Wood)

Oral Session 8 – Bio-Inspired Neural Networks for Control

[006] Modulation and Time-history-dependent Adaptation Improves the Pick-and-Place Control of a Bioinspired Soft Grasper (Yanjun Li, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Hillel Chiel, Victoria Webster-Wood, Roger Quinn)
[016] Sequence Generator Network for Neuromechanical Control of Rat Hindlimbs (Clayton Jackson, William Nourse, Roger Quinn)