Plant functions, hybrid systems, and plant robotics

This workshop is a platform for eliciting plant functions that can inspire robotics as well as hybrid systems in which living plants become a key
component interacting with artificial technologies.

Fabian Meder. Italian Institute of Technology, IT

PROGRAM 29.07.21        13:00 UTC

Time UTC  Sessions  Speakers Talks
13:00KeynoteBarbara MazzolaiPlant-inspired Robotics
13:45Talk 1: Plant-inspired robotsIan WalkerPlant-Inspired Continuum Robots
14:05  Talk 2: Plant-hybrid robotsXiaodong ChenAn on-demand electrical phytoactuator enabled by conformable electrodes
14:25Talk 3: Plant functionsYasmine MerozUnderstanding How Plant Roots Negotiate Obstacles
15:05Talk 4: Plant-inspiredBilge Baytekin Self-regulation for Autonomy in Solar Tracking Plant Robots
16:00Talk 5: Plant-inspired actuators Falk TauberArtificial Venus flytrap demonstrator combining two biological snap-trap mechanics
16:20Talk 6: Plant-inspired actuatorsAndreas Lendlein Bio-inspired polymer-based actuators for soft robots
16:45Plenary discussionAll speakers 

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