2. Characterization of biomimetic peristaltic pumping system based on flexible silicone soft robotic actuators as an alternative for technical pumps
Falk Esser, Friederike Krüger, Tom Masselter, Thomas Speck

3. Adaptive biomimetic actuator systems reacting to various stimuli by and combining two biological snap-trap mechanics.
Falk Esser, Frank D. Scherag, Simon Poppinga, Anna Westermeier, Max D. Mylo, Tim Kampowski, Georg Bold, Jürgen Rühe, Thomas Speck

5. Feed-forward selection of cerebellar models for calibration of robot sound source localization. 
Mark Baxendale, Mokhtar Nibouche, Emanuele Lindo Secco, Tony Pipe, Martin Pearson

6. Insect behavior as high-sensitive olfactory sensor for robotic odor tracking.
Junji Horibe, Noriyasu Ando, Ryohei Kanzaki

8. Highly-integrated muscle-spindles for pneumatic artificial muscles made from conductive fabrics.
Arne Hitzmann, Shuhei Ikemoto, Koh Hosoda

9. Chemotaxis Based Virtual Fence for Swarm Robots in Unbounded Environments.
Simon Obute, Mehmet Dogar, Jordan Boyle

14. Measuring the Effectiveness of Biomimetic Robots as Therapeutic Tools: Translating the Felt Security Scale from English to Japanese.
Emily Collins, Tony Prescott, Yoichiro Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Ishiguro

16. Robots That Imagine: Can Hippocampal Replay be Utilized for Robotic Mnemonics?.
Matthew Whelan, Eleni Vasilaki, Tony Prescott

17. Drosophibot: A Fruit Fly Inspired Bio-Robot. 
Clarissa Goldsmith, Nicholas Szczecinski, Roger Quinn

19. Affective visuomotor interaction: a functional model for socially competent robot grasping. 
Eris Chinellato, Gabriele Ferretti, Lucy Irving

20. Speedy Whegs Climbs Obstacles Slowly and Runs at 44 km/hour. 
William Breckwoldt, Richard Bachmann, Ronald Leibach, Roger Quinn

21. Design of a Canine Inspired Quadruped Robot as a Platform for Synthetic Neural Network Control. 
Cody Scharzenberger, Jonas Mendoza, Alexander Huntn

23. Crab-like Hexapod Feet for Amphibious Walking in Sand and Waves.
Nicole Graf, Alexander Behr, Kathryn Daltoriot

24. Foveated image processing for faster object detection and recognition in embedded systems using deep convolutional neural networks.
Uziel Jaramillo Avila, Sean Anderson

25. Tuning a robot servomotor to exhibit muscle-like dynamics. 
Nicholas Szczecinski, Clarissa Goldsmith, Fletcher Young, Roger Quinn

26. Rose-inspired micro-device with variable stiffness for remotely controlled release of objects in robotics.
Isabella Fiorello, Fabian Meder, Omar Tricinci, Carlo Filippeschi, Barbara Mazzolai

20. Heads or Tails? Cranio-Caudal Mass Distribution for Robust Locomotion with Soft Biorobotic Appendages.
Robert Siddall, Jenny Michel, Fabian Schwab, James Weaver, Ardian Jusufi

31. MiniBee: a Minature MAV for the Biomimetic Embodiment of Insect Brain Models.
Chujun Liu, Andrew Lonsberry, Mark Nandor, Roger Quinn

33. Bio-inspired Stochastic Growth and Initialization for Artificial Neural Networks.
Kevin Dai, Amir Barati Farimani, Victoria Webster-Wood

34. A Robust and Efficient Cooler Design Inspired by Leaf Venation.
Houpu Yao, Rui Dai, Hamidreza Marvi

36. Automatic Calibration of Artificial Neural Networks for Zebrafish Collective Behaviours using a Quality Diversity Algorithm.
Leo Cazenille, José Halloy, Nicolas Bredeche

38. Robotic Simulator of Vocal Fold Paralysis.
Maria Elena Giannaccini, Andrew Hinitt, Edward Gough, Andrew Stinchcombe, Keren Yue, Andrew Conn, Jonathan Rossiter

40. Design, optimization, and characterization of bio-hybrid actuators based on 3D-bioprinted skeletal muscle tissue.
Rafael Mestre, Tania Patiño, Maria Guix, Xavier Barceló, Samuel Sánchez

45. Manufacturing Artificial Wings Based on the Manduca sexta Hawkmoth.
Matthias Weisfeld, Kenneth Moses, David Prigg, Richard Bachmann, Mark Willis, Roger Quinn



1. 3D Movement of Snake Robot Driven by Tegotae-based Control.
Takeshi Kano, Naoki Matsui, Akio Ishiguro

4. Auditory-visual virtual reality for the study of multisensory integration in insect navigation.
Koki Makino, Noriyasu Ando, Hisashi Shidara, Naoto Hommaru, Ryohei Kanzaki, Hiroto Ogawa

7. Learning in Growing Robots: Knowledge Transfer from Tadpole to Frog Robot. 
Yiheng Zhu, Jonathan Rossiter, Helmut Hauser

10. Towards a Temperature Responsive Pinecone Inspired Actuator Using Silicone Encapsulated Hydrogels. 
Nickolas Walling, Hemma Philamore, Kira Landenberger, Fumitoshi Matsuno

11. Bayesian Optimization of a Quadruped Robot During 3-Dimensional Locomotion.
Jiahui Zhu, Shuting Li, Zhuoli Wang, Andre Rosendo

12. Development of Omnidirectional Mobile Treadmill for Neuroethology.
Shunsuke Shigaki, Kazushi Sanada, Daisuke Kurabayashi

15. Cellular level analysis of the locomotor neural circuits in Drosophila melanogaster.
Ryo Minegishi, Kai Feng, Barry Dickson

18. Analyzing the Interplay Between Local CPG Activity and Sensory Signals for Inter-leg Coordination in Drosophila.
William Nourse, Nicholas Szczecinski, Moritz Haustein, Till Bockemuehl, Ansgar Bueschges, Roger Quinn

22. Determination of Artificial Muscle Placement for Biomimetic Humanoid Robot Legs. 
Ben Bolen, Alexander Hunt

27. Brainless Quasi-Quadruped Robot Resembling Spinal Reflex and Force-Velocity Relationship of Muscles.
Yoichi Masuda, Masato Ishikawa, Akio Ishiguro

28. Evaluation of 3D-Bioprinted Materials and Culture Methods Toward Actuator Driven by Skeletal Muscle Cells.
Naoki Yamada, Masahiro Shimizu, Takuya Umedachi, Toshihiro Ogura, Koh Hosoda

32. Exploring the potential of the animal-like robot MiRo as a therapeutic tool for children diagnosed with autism. 
Maria Panagiotidi, Simon Wilson, Tony Prescott

35. Using Two IMU Sensors to Simulate Lower Body Stance. 
Connor Morrow, Remigius Stecher, Alexander Hunt

37. A window into the robot 'mind': Using a graphical real-time display to provide transparency of function in a brain-based robot.
David Buxton, Hamideh Kerdegari, Saeid Mokaram, Ben Mitchinson, Tony Prescott

39. Hierarchical behaviour for object shape recognition using a swarm of robots.
Adrian Rubio-Solis, Uriel Martinez-Hernandez

41. Towards psychologically plausible robots: evaluation of the iCub’s facial expressions. 
Vasiliki Vouloutsi, Klaudia Grechuta, Paul Verschure

43. Robust Postural Stabilization with a Biomimetic Control Architecture
Adrián Fernández Amil, giovanni maffei, Jordi-Ysard Puigbò Llobet, Xerxes Arsiwalla, Paul Verschure

44. Latent Morality in Algorithms and Machines.
Xerxes Arsiwalla, Ismael Tito Freire González, Vasiliki Vouloutsi, Paul Verschure

Spotlight Presentations


All accepted papers and extended abstracts will appear in the Living Machines 2019 proceedings which we expect to be published in the
Springer-Verlag LNAI Series.