Satellite events

Active researchers in biomimetic and biohybrid systems are invited to propose topics for 1-day tutorials, symposia or workshops on related themes to be held on the 25th July at Stanford University.

Attendance at satellite events will attract a small fee intended to cover the costs of the meeting. There is a lot of flexibility about the content, organisation, and budgeting for these events. Please contact us if you are interested in organising a satellite event!

We are looking forward to your application!



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Workshop 1.: Bioinspired Aerial Vehicles

This workshop explores topics at the intersection of aerial robotics and biology. Confirmed participants include a mixture of researchers in flying and perching robots, biology and the biomechanics of flight. In addition to short talks and discussion sessions we will organize a couple of  “hands on” events for participants involving demonstrations
of high speed filming of avian and robotic flying and perching. These events will take advantage of facilities at the Lentink Lab and Cutkosky Lab at Stanford. Attendees are encouraged to contact the organizers about bringing their own fliers.


Alexis Lussier Desbiens – Mechanical Engineering – Université de Sherbrooke
Mark Cutkosky – Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University 
David Lentink – Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University 

Full day: 25 July, 09:00-17:00

more information on this workshop will be available soon here at


Workshop 2.: Evolutionary and Developmental aspects of nervous systems and behavior


Tony Prescott – Cognitive Neuroscience
Leah Krubitzer – Psychology Neuroscience

Full day: 25 July, 09:00-17:00

more information on this workshop will be available soon!